Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Men are from Earth! Women are from Earth!

Sometimes I cruise down my facebook timeline and all I see are women (or should I say girls) posting how much they hate men and how there are no good men out here in the Earth and that all the good men are married or gay. In my eyes, women that make these statements all of the time have low self-esteem and need to do some soul searching.

I agree, there are some dead-beat men out here! They all can't be Dreeks, okay? The key word is "some". If you believe that all men are dead-beats, you might as well kick it with the Ellen crowd!

If your previous boyfriend was a deadbeat, then just say that! Don't categorize all men as deadbeats, because you picked a loser. A great guy could read your statuses and write you off as cuckoo, and your theme song will be "Single Ladies" by Beyonce for the rest of your life.

Stay positive!! God blesses positive thinking! You should get 2 weeks to get over your past boyfriend (If you were married, I'll give you 2 months)! After that, you gotta move on! There are plenty of fish in the sea, and I know that is just a saying, but think about it! There are PLENTY of fish in the sea! Some fish are lazy. Some fish are not trustworthy. Some fish likes to swim with other fish. But there are fish that are loyal, hard-working, handsome and whatever other attributes you look for in a fish. If you spend all of your energy focusing on the bad apple that you bit into, you will be exhausted when "the one" comes off the tree.

 & another thing! Don't be out here looking for Mr. Perfect! Unless you plan on wooing Jesus into marrying you, you're going to have a tough time finding the perfect guy. Some girls I grew up with would go on one date with a guy and say that they've found the perfect guy! This is where the error lies. You can't possibly get to know a person on one date or two dates or three dates. So you get serious with a dog (not knowing he's a dog) too quickly, and as time goes by the dog comes out and now all men are dogs to you? How about, getting to know a guy before getting too serious with him?? That will save you a lot of time and frustration.

Now let me touch on a particular person. I'm talking to the female AND MALES TOO who are the bitter single individual, who instead of working on bettering themselves they would rather approach their friends who are happy with their significant other and throw salt in the game. (To my white readers: throwing salt in the game means sabotaging. In this instance, the bitter person tries to bring down their friends to the same miserable valley that they are in, even if their friends are on mountain tops). Please cut it out! This will only leave you single and without friends. If the only thing you can think of is to start hating on your friends' significant others, then you should just go to the library and hang out by yourself for a while, until you get the hatred from your heart!

Men and women are from the same planet. Women dont need to think like a man. Men don't need to dress like women. Just be yourself, and I promise that if you trust God, that He will put the perfect person in your life. It maybe tomorrow. It maybe in 10 years, but stay patient and be thankful when that special guy comes along!

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