Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Negativity Killed The Cat

One morning on Facebook, my great friend Danielle said that she was going to delete all of her "friends" that posted nothing but negative statuses all of the time, because she wanted nothing but positive people in her life. Sorry to say this Danielle, but if you want to be around positive people all of the time, you may need to go to Mid Town Atlanta and hang out with the gays!

I understand where she comes from though! Negativity is super contagious. If someone that is close to you is having a bad day, you can guarantee that you're going to have a bad day as well. Some people have bad days everyday. They wake up, and make sure that they have a bad day. If they won a million dollars, they would give it away, just to pass the joy to somebody else and to continue their bad day. Their family tree has negative roots and brings forth negative fruit in the spring time. If he or she was a gardener, they would purchase beautiful flowers and pour gas on all of them, just so they can loathe in self pity about how their flowers are dead. If they were a pitcher in the World Series and the score was tied with 2 outs and a 3-2 count and the opposing team had bases loaded, he would intentionally hit the batter in the leg with the ball to lose the game, just because he loves negative publicity. I'm getting a little overboard I know, but you know who I'm talking about. We all have one person we know who just goes through life with the dark cloud hovering over them all day. 

I'm not saying that if you ever have a bad day that you're a horrible person. We are all humans and life is a roller coaster. You have some good days and bad days, but to be wrapped up in so much negativity can block blessings that Lord maybe trying to send your way.

Having a negative attitude can be controlled. I know people who are worth millions that have the attitude of poor people, and I know poor people who live life like they're Donald Trump. It's all up to you! We all get screwballs thrown our way, but its up to us if we're going to let those screwballs effect us. Just roll with the punches and thank God for the blessings, because I'm sure there is somebody out there with a lot more on their plate than you!

Signing out


Trayvon vs George

If you know me, you know that I keep it real. I want to keep it real for a few moments.

1st off, R.I.P to Trayvon Martin.

I'm sure you know about this situation by now. Black teen is walking in a nice neighborhood, (I can't necessarily say that it was a white neighborhood, because Zimmerman is of half hispanic decent, but it was gated to my knowledge, so it wasn't Compton, California), Zimmerman (a self-appointed neighborhood watch guy) calls the police and says that he sees some suspicious activity and he plans to make a citizen's arrest. He starts a pursuit against the black teen while on the phone with the 911 operator. The operator tells Zimmerman to pump his brakes and that police were on their way, but Zimmerman (a guy that obviously has anger issues according to the police officer he scuffled with or his ex-fiance who he shoved around http://www.smh.com.au/world/who-is-george-zimmerman-20120325-1vs1a.html) says no way jose and continues pursuit!

Now here is where the story gets fishy...

There was a neighbor that heard the scuffle outside of her door, and she called 911. The call was obviously recorded, and you can hear a boy screaming help, and then you hear a gun shot. Another report says that a witness saw little 140 lb Trayvon Martin knock 250+lb Zimmerman on the ground, get on top of him and start wailing at his head, at that time Zimmerman pulls out his gun and shoots Trayvon in the chest. In both situations, Trayvon is dead and gone. Zimmerman claims self-defense and under the "Stand Your Ground" law, he is able to walk free to this day.

Here is my opinion on all of this mess.....

I'm going to put myself in Trayvon's shoes. Let's say that I'm walking down the street eating a healthy snack (my wife won't let me eat skittles) and I see a loser eyeing me like I just hopped out of someone's home window (which would be a tight squeeze) with stolen merchandise. THEN the loser starts to follow me, and I can hear him on his cell phone with the police. I'm going to turn around and ask if he has a problem? If he has something to say that I don't want to hear, I'm going to go upside his head too. In that instance, I am practicing self-defense because I don't feel safe with a guy following me with the evil eye. The difference between Trayvon and myself is that I have a license to carry a firearm as well, and as soon as Zimmerman would've produced his firearm, I would've produced mine and it would've been a shoot-out for the ages! Honestly, Zimmerman needs to hit the weight room on that Big Milt plan if he can't stop a teenager who's 100lb lighter from man-handling him.

Now it's time for me to get really REAL!!!

A lot of people are naive! They really think that if this was a white guy in a black neighborhood, and a black guy hunted him down and got in a scuffle and shot the white guy that he would be free just like Zimmerman is. If you believe that, then you really need a wake-up call. Then I hear Neal Boortz say that Zimmerman was a hispanic and that he couldn't be racist because he's a minority like Trayvon was. Zimmerman was half white and half Peruvian or something. Saying he is hispanic is like saying Barack Obama is white because his mother is white. Then I listen to the news, and they say that Trayvon was suspended from school because he had traces of weed in his bookbag. WHO CARES??? Maybe Zimmerman was mad, because Trayvon didn't share the supply! Whatever the case, Zimmerman is dead wrong, and we have to stop being naive. Racism and prejudice is alive and well around the world on both sides. White teens that wear skateboard outfits and have tattoos get the same evil looks from older people (white or black) as a black teen that wears his pants low and hoodies. Jesus loves those teens the same way that he loves the conservative adult that attends church every service and who are WE to condemn or judge??

On the other side.... don't you democrats screw up this "Stand Your Ground" law. Zimmerman didn't stand his ground, he possibly started getting that butt tagged (pause) by a teenager and shot the guy because he couldn't fight. If he was in pursuit, Trayvon practiced the Stand Your Ground law and defended himself. I'm a firm believer of the Stand your ground law, and I will shoot you down if you intefere with its laws!

You can agree or disagree but I'm just keeping it real..

Signing out


Friday, March 23, 2012

Politics as Usual

I don't come from a political background. My family didn't sit around the dinner table and discuss the happenings in our local, state, or federal governments. My parents just worked hard, paid their taxes, and stretched every dollar they made. When I met Jack Lowder and his family, I was introduced to politics. Papa Lowder was a strong conservative and I respected him, because he always stood firm on what he believed in, and if you disagreed with him, you could expect a debate to ensue. One morning, I rode with Jack and Papa Lowder on his bread route and I heard a white man arguing with a caller on the radio, It was hilarious! This white man was Neal Boortz. Jack then got a c.d. called Neal Boortz's Greatest Hits and the whole c.d. was just Neal Boortz arguing with callers and I thought the guy was a genius. Neal Boortz is a libertarian, and I just assumed I was a libertarian as well. Boortz preached of minimal government control and taking care of you and your family and not depending on hand-outs from the government and living within your means. He may say it in a rude manner but that's basically what he preaches, and to a certain extent, I believe the same thing.

I really found myself getting involved with politics when Jack joined the marines and went over to Afghanistan and Iraq to fight in the U.S.'s war on terror. I was all for the Afghanistan invasions after 9/11. What American wasn't? Go hunt Bin Laden and get payback for the Towers falling and the lives that were lost on that day. Iraq on the other hand.. I wasn't too sure on. The whole Weapons of Mass Destruction scare didn't really scare me too much, mainly because I never saw the thing! So I found Bush as a little shaky. Then came Obama with his "Change" in 2008, and in my opinion nothing's really changed except these gas prices. I must admit that I was excited to see a person of color (he's not black, he's a mixture) become the President of the United States though.

I don't think we will ever see change in this country. As long as we have Congress and their non bi-partisanship, we can never expect this country to be great again. I consider all politicians corrupt until proven not corrupt. They put their personal interests ahead of country's best interests and the common citizen such as myself reaps the consequences. Politicians from both parties make decisions based on how they will be perceived rather than making decisions that are always right. This is what frustrates me!!!

I've never been the type to argue with someone over politics. If someone has been thinking one way all of his or her life, its going to be hard to sway a person with one conversation. Instead of arguing, I just make observations. I respect anybody that thinks on their own. That means anybody that isn't following the path that mommy and daddy laid out for them. Anybody that doesn't regurgitate what they hear on Fox News and MSNBC. I mean a person that listens to the facts and bases their opinion on those facts. I don't respect single moms from trailer parks that just paid for her groceries with food stamps and then hops in a vehicle with a Nobama bumper sticker on her back. FOOL, DEMOCRATS ARE THE REASON YOU'RE ABLE TO ENJOY THOSE BENEFITS, & I don't respect black people that wear Obama T-shirts and can't even name things that he's doing that benefit them.

Republicans, Democrats, or Independents.

If your main issue is abortion, immigration, taxes, gun control, whether Obama is a U.S. citizen, or whether Bush was mentally retarded.

Black, White, Asian, Hispanic, or Others.

Its time for everyone to unite and make it happen for this great country that we call home!

God bless America,


Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Squeaky Wheels

The previous job I held before my current one was a Field Contract Administrator (FCA) for Kemron Environmental Services. Some people called it Field Cost Accountant. Basically I tracked the costs that Kemron Environmental spent on various projects around the country, and I submitted those costs to the U.S. EPA so we could be reimbursed with a percentage on top. Nonetheless, my supervisor for 95% of the jobs I worked was David Tiedman. He gave me the greatest advice I have ever received...

I had been working for Kemron for about 2 years and some change. I was doing pretty decent enough for Kemron to send me newly hired FCAs to train. I mentioned to Tiedman one day, that I deserve a raise with all of this training that I'm doing lately. He asked me if I spoke to the boss man in Atlanta, and I said no, I wasn't going to bother him with it. He then told me


I  looked at him with a puzzled look I'm sure, while I let it resonate for a second. He explained that in life when you want something,  you have to speak up. When a wheel is running low on grease, you hear a squeak and that lets you know to grease that baby up. I was able to apply that theory to other problems. At home, when my dog needs to go outside, he starts moaning like a punk, but he gets my attention to do what he wants. For my parents out there, when your kid has crapped himself, he cries to let you know that it's time for a new huggie. For my husbands out there, when your wives want those new pair of shoes, she squeaks and we hand over the checkbook.

Tiedman gave me the confidence to step to the boss man about a raise, and I got a bigger raise than I had even expected. Even though me and Tiedman argued about basketball, and the best type of music, and why Conyers was better than Buffalo, I always hold that advice close to me, because it's helped me a lot throughout the years!

It doesn't hurt to open your mouth sometimes. I mean, what's the worst thing that could have happened in that situation. I would've went to the boss man and asked for a raise, he could have said no, and I would have went back to work. Maybe it's more than a raise that you want. Maybe you want that big promotion. Maybe you want your husband to do something different in your marriage like a weekend getaway or something. Maybe you see a friend making a bad decision in life. Just remember... Squeaky wheel gets the grease!!

Signing out,


Friday, March 2, 2012

Rihanna & Christopher

I've never been a huge fan of Chris Brown or Rihanna! Rihanna started to grow on me after her beating (see picture above). I thought "this girl is a survivor!" Chris Brown has always been a little too fruity for my liking, so my disliking has always been consistent. Its common knowledge that Chris Brown and Rihanna dated a while back and one night, Chris Brown decided to whip her head back & forth (no willow smith).

Here's part 2!


I recently heard about a couple of new songs with Chris Brown & Rihanna. To be honest, I haven't even heard the songs, and I dont want to waste MBs listening to em either, but after watching the videos above, I have to scratch my head.

 I've heard the saying that "Love is Blind" and I dont own a gavel so I'm not the one to judge, but I'd like to dedicate this blog to every female who has ever taken abuse (Physical or verbal) from a man. 

Adam didn't beat Eve! I'm sure he wanted to put hands on her when she bit the apple, but he refrained himself, like any real man would. To get physical with a person who is smaller and weaker than you (usually, I've seen some big mamas out there) shows a lot about your character. Now I've seen the situation where a female would think she was Rocky Balboa and want to hit a man with her fist, and I've heard an O.G. say that  "If you act like a man, you'll get beat like one". I obviously don't agree with that approach, if you can't stop a woman from punching you in the face, by restraining her you may need to hit the gym up on that Big Milt program. Nonetheless, if you're a female and you see that your S.O. is punching walls or throwing remotes at t.v. screens, it maybe a sign that you're dealing with a violent individual. If you really love the person you can recommend that he goes to an anger management specialist. Hopefully you can alleviate the problem before he turns that anger on you. 

Verbal abuse is no better than physical abuse. Now this goes both ways, and if it goes far enough it can lead to the physical. Some men talk down to their women because they live life as a coward and have low self-esteem. They may get talked down to at work by a higher-up and come home and want to take it out on their S.O. God bless that man. 

Now back to Christopher Brown and Rihanna. If Chris Brown was totally apologetic and could prove to Rihanna that he is a changed man, I wouldn't be writing this blog, but 2 years after the situation, he was asked by an interviewer some simple questions about Rihanna and this is what he does....

At least he didn't start punching the interviewer in the face, but obviously homeboy has some anger issues. Maybe Rihanna bought a helmet before she got back in the studio with Chris Brown this time. Who knows!! Ladies, please be careful with the person you choose to call your S.O. and if you have a slick mouth you may need to tone it down, if you don't know your S.O.'s reaction to them. Everybody be safe and love not war!!!