Monday, February 20, 2012

The Answer???

I just read a report that Allen Iverson is so broke that he is getting offers from soccer teams to play for them!! SOCCER TEAMS!!! One of the greatest scorers of all time in the National Basketball Association where all of the greatest basketball players in the world compete is so broke that soccer team owners believe that he would play soccer to pay the bills. What makes me really upset is the people he is in debt to. I didn't read that he owes money to Uncle Sam (but I'm sure he does), I didn't read that he is about to foreclose on multiple homes (but I'm sure he is), but what I did read is that he owes a Jeweler $850,000. A JEWELER $850,000!!!! I may need to be an accountant to the stars. If he still has the jewelry, it would've been a great investment seeing that gold, silver, and diamonds are all sky-rocketing in value, but the way he's going he probably dropped it all of at Cash 4  I'm all for the bling bling, but if you can't pay for it in cash, just don't purchase it sir! There is no need to have a Kay's credit card. This guy made $150 million dollars in his NBA career (not including reebok endorsements), and he's broke! God bless that man! The reason he's broke he says, is because he has to take care of all of the people from his hood that made him who he is today.

I wouldn't mind getting rich one day! When I do get rich, I plan on taking a few people with me. When I say "take a few people with me", I don't mean give the people I love a check every two weeks, because you showed me love throughout my life. I mean provide them with opportunities. I may open up a few businesses and let the people I love run those businesses after proper training. The only person that won't have to work for the money that I give her is Pangerla Louise Jones (My mother) She's worked enough in her life!! I'd like to finish this blog with my favorite A.I. moment "Practice". Maybe if he saved instead of worrying about practice, this blog wouldn't have been created,

Signing out,


Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Im in one of those whatever moods today!

RIP Whitney Houston

Happy Belated Valentine's Day. My wife got some tulips, some new headlights in her Jetta, and a salmon dinner with red velvet cupcakes. I got some new shoes, draws, t-shirts, and socks. Buddy got a beating for crapping in my garage! Everybody's happy (except for Buddy)

What's up with this Jeremy Lin guy. I heard he was Tiger Woods half brother. The guy is decent. I don't see him having an elaborate NBA career, but he's blowing up Sportscenter lately. Can we say, the Taiwanese Tebow???

Speaking of NBA. I root for 2 teams. The Hawks and the Lakers. The Hawks for obvious reasons, and the Lakers for the greatest NBA player of all time, Kobe Bryant.

I got an email for my 10 year high school reunion. My high school days were pretty much a joke. I thought I would be this huge rapper and ended up crunching numbers for a construction company. I'm excited to see some old faces though!

Shout Outs to my "Mama" Sandra Sanford, for a great performance in the play "They Rose Above it All". The play was great besides the racist cop in the play that caused an uproar when a negative remark about Obama was made. Disrespecting Obama at a black play is like disrespecting George Bush at a Fox News convention!

Please pray for my Uncle who we originally thought had a stroke but instead was having seizures! He's been an induced sleep for almost a week now, and we're hoping for good results from his tests!

I'm proud to welcome a new niece in the world. Camryn James!

Also, shout out to the Pecks on their new addition, Bailey Peck!

I wish it would snow already! I need an extra day off or so, so I can catch up on Family Matters and Saved By The Bell (No college years) Did you know the 1st season of Family Matters had no Urkel! That was the greatest season in my opinion. The 1st couple of seaons with Urkel was cool, but homey was annoying!

I hate on Saved by the Bell "The College Years" a lot, but it definitely had the better theme song!

That is all that is on the mind today. Sorry there wasn't much substance in this blog, but I'm not getting paid for this!!

Signing out,


Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Trust & Obey

Its time to beat myself up a little bit. I can't afford a psychiatrist, so for free I will counsel myself and hopefully you can take something away from it or give me some pointers by joining the blog and posting comments....

I worry a lot. I worry about big things. I worry about small things. I worry for myself. I worry for others. I worry about the past present and definitely the future. I worry about not having anything to worry about. You catch my drift....

My wife is the total opposite. She has faith like Joseph when Mary told him she was pregnant and Joseph just knew the Baby wasn't his.

I'm 100% sure that my wife is walking closer with the Lord because of her faith. I worry so much sometimes, that I'm sure that I miss out on some of the Lord's blessings.

In Luke 12, Jesus tells his disciples to not worry about the food you'll eat or the clothes on your back, because Life is deeper than those things. He continues and tells the disciples to look at the ravens who don't plan for the future whatsoever, but all of the ravens' needs are tooken care of. Are we not better than birds??

This passage of scripture makes me happy. I can't snap my finger and all of my worries will fade away, but as long as I trust & obey, I'll see blessings like my inspirational wife!

Signing out,


Friday, February 3, 2012

Top 5 Velo Moments

My best friend's name is Chauelo Maurice Jackson b.k.a. Velo. If you know me, you've probably heard me say his name a few times. Velo and I go wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy back. His parents knew my parents seeing Conyers wasn't too big. I guess we first met in preschool. Sheltering Arms in Conyers to be more specific. Years passed and I lost touch until his family moved across the street from my family in Sugar Hill in middle school. Throughout middle school and high school we basically were inseparable. We both worked at the McDonalds on West Ave,   and when my family moved from Sugar Hill, my mother allowed me to go to Velo's or the Lowder's house everyday after school until she got off of work (so I could continue to go to Heritage High). After graduation, I went down to Pensacola for college but we stayed in touch on a weekly or bi-weekly basis to discuss stuff we both were learning out in the "real world" and how we were going to start an entertainment business because we both had a great sense of humor that we wanted the world to pay us for. On a Thursday afternoon, I received a call from Velo and he was on top of the world because he had just purchased a new car, and we reiterated the plans to take over the world when I graduated college later that year. The next evening (February 3rd, 2006) my mother called me with a weird tone in her voice telling me that Velo was killed in a car accident and that he was dead. I literally collapsed to my knees and cried like a baby. The next day I met with my other best friend Jack Lowder and we shot hoops at the field house while I questioned the Lord's will over and over again. A week later I flew home for the funeral and I barely got to see him in his casket, because of my late flight, but I did see him and I was able to see the best friend, that gave me love, advice, and support when no one else was around, for one last time.

This blog is dedicated to him and the memories that make me smile all the time. Here are the top 5 Velo Moments of our short time on Earth together.

#5 : Prom Night 
Our Senior year, we decided to get all of the fellas together and rent a limo for prom. We planned on having the most elaborate prom introduction ever. We were going to crank up our favorite song at the time, and pull up to the front door of the hotel and we would walk into the prom and everybody would applaud us because we were so cool! The limo driver got lost, and we ended up being dropped off at the back of the hotel, and nobody was able to see our great entrance! It would've been the greatest though!

#4 : The Deers
One night, Velo was taking me home, and it was super dark outside, and Velo was driving super slow in the Astro Van, and I told him to speed it up! He said that he was afraid a deer was going to jump out from the darkness, and I yelled at him about 2 minutes, because I never saw a deer in my life around that area. No sooner than 30 seconds after I finished yelling, 3 deers hopped out of nowhere on Old Salem Rd. We laughed so hard we had to pull over! That was probably the funniest moment of my life!

#3 : The Fight

I dont remember why we got in a fight in middle school gym class, but I guess it was over a chick. It was a couple of shoves and a tackle. Real Zack & Slaterish!! (without the punches thrown and the gay music @ the end)

#2 : The Punking

My mother took 99% of my checks from McDonalds, but one time we decided to cash our checks at the gas station inside of Sunrise (the all mexican trailer park in Conyers). Us almost getting mugged by a gang of mexicans was terrifying then, but hilarious now! They called us Carl Winslow and Urkel because of my obesity and Velo's glasses. I swore revenge on them one day, but then I got saved. Praise the Lord!!

#1 : The Church Service

I went to Velo's granddad's church service and I dont remember where we were or what year it was (I could've been a dream for all I know), but it was only me, Velo, and his two brothers in the crowd, and his granddadd preached his behind off and @ that service, I knew that Velo was my brother forever just because of the energy that was in that room that day.

My brother's been gone for 6 years and no day has passed that I haven't missed him. I came to realize never to question God's will and to accept it, and I can't wait for our reunion in Heaven to create eternal memories!

Signing out,