Saturday, April 28, 2012


My favorite period of time of all my years have been the NBA Playoffs (except for the entire NFL season). I've had ups and I've had downs. I have seen my Hawks get murdered every year, and I've seen my boy Kobe fill up a hand worth of rings! The 2012 NBA season was sort of a joke with the whole lockout situation, but nonetheless, I was happy to see some exciting games this short season. Below are my picks for the 1st round of the Playoffs....



        San Antonio Spurs VS Utah Jazz
I really like the Jazz in this matchup. Al Jefferson, Paul Milsap, and Derrick Favors are all talented big men, and San Antonio only has an old version of Tim Duncan. I also like Raja Bell on the Jazz. The reason I won't pick the Jazz is because of Devin Harris' inconsistencies! If Devin Harris can give me 25 pts and 13 assists per game, and turn Tony Parker into a jump shooter and not a driver, the Jazz will win this series in 6, but Devin Harris won't do that so the Jazz will lose in 5!



Memphis Grizzlies VS Los Angeles Clippers
The Los Angeles Clippers would win the whole playoffs if this were a get the most dunks contest. As a team, I am not too impressed. Blake Griffin and Deandre Jordan have a lot of learning to do. Marc Gasol and Zach Randolph are seasoned NBA big men and I see them exploiting Lob City by getting Blake and Deandre in early foul trouble and I see Rudy Gay, OJ Mayo, and Mike Conley scoring often! Memphis in 6!


Los Angeles Lakers VS Denver Nuggets
The Lakers losing Derrick Fisher and Lamar Odom was huge. They were vital to their championship runs a few years ago. With the addition of Ramon Sessions and the emergence of Andrew Bynum, I don't see the Lakers struggling too much with the young Nuggets. Kobe is still the greatest scorer in the league, and I think  he learned a valuable lesson last year getting embarrassed by the Mavericks. Lakers in 4!


Dallas Mavericks VS Oklahoma City Thunder
If Dallas would've kept Tyson Chandler, I would've given them a repeat for the title, but getting rid of one of the best defenders in the league is going to be devastating to their chances to beat the best run and gun offense in the league! Dirk is still one of the greatest, but he'll need a MJ type series if he wants to get past Durant and Westbrook! OKC in 5! 



Chicago Bulls VS Philadelphia 76ers
I don't see any competition in this series whether Derrick Rose is hurt or not. I dont think the starting 5 of the 6ers could compete with the bench of the Bulls. Chicago sweeps the series!

Boston Celtics VS Atlanta Hawks
I will try and be unbiased as possible! These Celtics are just washed up! Rondo is the bread and butter. If we can keep him out of the paint, and Joe plays good Defense on Pierce, let Ray Allen do what he does, and get KG ejected because he always hating on ZaZa. The only fear I have is that ZaZa and Al Horford are hurt now, and I'm afraid we may get rebounded, but the Hawks have too much young talent. Jeff Teague and Rondo will be a great matchup. The Hawks' bench is one of the deepest in the league with Willie Parker, T-Mac, Vlad Rad, & the young Pargo. If the Hawks can get out of the 1 on 1 ball, its hard to stop us! I think we will win in a long series, because of home court advantage. Hawks in 7! 


                    Indiana Pacers VS Orlando Magic
In my eyes, the Pacers have been the surprise of the season! Their athleticism is top notch. Though I don't see them getting past the 2nd round, I do see them in some finals in the near future as they mature. The Magic without Dwight Howard is like the internet with U get my drift? Pacers in 5!



New York Knicks VS Miami Heat
What can I say? This is what the playoffs are all about! Lebron Vs. Melo. The Knicks haven't benefited from the short season with their team-chemistry. They definitely have the chess pieces to win it all, but sometimes what looks good on paper doesn't look that good on the court. The key to this series is Chris Bosh! I don't see Wade being too much of a factor with Shumpert on em. I think Lebron and Carmelo will wash each other out. If Chris Bosh can drain those mid-range jump shots and play decent defense on Amare, the Heat have a great chance. The Knicks with the addition of Tyson Chandler and JR Smith really make this series interesting. The Heat have a horrible bench, and this may hurt them in the long run! With the Knicks lack of chemistry, I have to give the series to the Heat in 7! 

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Fat Dreek's Oscar Picks 2012!!!

I know the Oscars was a while back, and it always seems that the weirdest movies always win the big awards! (i.e. The Artist ( which I haven't seen yet, and don't think I could sit through it), The Kings Speech (I fell asleep, after just waking up from a nap), The Hurt Locker (a couple of cool explosions), Brokeback Mountain (no comment)

So now, lets hear it for the 1st Annual Fatdreek Oscar Picks, and I'm not going to go through the crappy awards like Sound Mixing and Short Animation Film, but the awards that mean something. If you haven't seen these movies, please go pick them up!

Best Movie : The Ides of March

I love acting over explosions and laughs any day. When you put Clooney, Gosling, Hoffman, and Giamatti together,you can expect perfection. At least I did, and that's what I got. Really digs into the political arena  and all of the crap that goes along with it. Definitely my favorite movie of the year!

Worst Movie : Tree of Life

I've never been so angry to waste 30 minutes of my time to watch a movie. I'm thinking Brad Pitt and Sean Penn don't ever associate their names with bad movies, but boy was I wrong. I can't even tell you what the movie was about, because after about 30 minutes I hit the eject button so hard, the blu ray player almost fell off the fire place. If I were stoned, it probably would've ended up as the best movie, but Fatdreek is Drug Free!

Best Comedy: Crazy Stupid Love

I usually think Steve Carrell is a one track actor, and this movie definitely proves it, but the screenplay was brilliant, and everybody in the movie did a great job acting in it. Ryan Gosling is going to be around for a looong time!

Best Action: Mission Impossible : Ghost Protocol

Its the same premise! The world is going to end unless Tom Cruise saves the day, but the action in this movie is great and leaves you on the edge of your seat. Jeremy Renner from Hurt Locker fame is a great addition, while Paula Patton was hot yet horrible.

Best Actor : Michael Shannon - Take Shelter

This movie was definitely slept on. It wasn't the greatest movie in the world, but Michael Shannon's performance was one of the greatest I've ever seen!

Best Actress : Michelle Williams - My Week with Marilyn

Michelle Williams has come a long way from Dawson's Creek. Marilyn Monroe was not a good actress at all, and Michelle Williams nailed it spot on, which shows how great of an actress she is!

Best Supporting Actor : Phillip Seymour Hoffman - Ides of March

There wasn't a huge amount of competition in this category this year. Christopher Plummer won the Best Supporting Actor at this year's oscars, but that was only because he played a gay man and kissed a lot of dudes. Phillip Seymour Hoffman is one of the greats, and he added to his catalog with a great performance in Ides of March.

Best Supporting Actress : Amara Miller - The Descendants

I usually dont like children actors, but she did an excellent job as the young defiant daughter of George Clooney's character. Dealing with a mom's death is hard, and she did a great job in portraying those emotions.

Best Director : Alexander Payne - The Descendants

Filmed in the beautiful state of Hawaii, Payne did a great job capturing its beauty and capturing the emotions of every character brilliantly.

Best Original Screenplay : Woody Allen - Midnight in Paris 

I don't really care about adapted screenplays, so the best original screenplay award goes to Woody Allen. This was the only category that me and the Oscars agree. There was a lot of thought and time that went into this screenplay. If you're a big fan of literature, then you will love this movie!

That's it! I'll try and be quicker next year with the Oscar post! Keep enjoying movies and give me feedback on where you think I picked wrong!!


Friday, April 20, 2012

Whatever # 2

2012 is flying by. Speaking of flying... U hear about that crazy pilot going HAM on the plane to Vegas??? I would have grabbed him in the aisle and DDT'd him.

Speaking of DDT, George Zimmerman got DDT'd into jail last week. Doug Fox told me to not jump to conclusions, so I'm just going to wait until more facts are revealed.

Making a slight change in our travel plans. We planned on going to NYC for my wife's birthday, but now we're going to Jamaica mon! If you've been there or are from there, hit me up and let me know what to do over there! We're still going to Vegas in July, and might try and squeeze NYC in during the fall. Went to get my passport photo yesterday, and they said that I can't smile when I'm taking the picture. What's up with that? Our society is too depressing!

Sometimes I hate being a homeowner. I got landscaping to do! the A/C needs to be replaced. House needs pressure washing! I wish I could just call maintenance, but gotta love that homeowner's equity!

Done with taxes! I owe Uncle Sam a few dollars. Thinking about evading the guy like Wesley, but I'm too pretty for jail.

Im currently looking for a home church. I have a few options, but need to find that home base. Leaning toward my grandmother's church, but the preacher talks too fast. I like another church's pastor but the congregation is too huge. I like another church's pastor but the congregation is too small. Pray for ya boy!

Weight loss is happening slowly but surely. Make subtle changes to an over-eater's habits can be drastic, but I'm overcoming. I won't be adventurous as my girl Leah and post my weight on here! Let's just say....weight loss is needed!

Race issue of the week! My boss asked why does black people go to black barbers and white people go to white salons, and why are black people buried at black funeral parlors and whites at white funeral parlors. The answer to that question is : nobody knows you like your own! In high school, my youth pastor Dr. Neal Jackson gave me a haircut. I was laughed out of my high school. He was the last white person to touch my hair. I don't think you're a racist or prejudice if you don't want a black person to do your hair if you're white. I don't want to see white girls with dookie braids and black girls with bouffants (thanks Alex for that help).

I love you all! Thanks for everybody that reads my blog and thanks for the positive feedback that I have received. I have a lot of thoughts and opinions, and I'm glad technology lets me capture it on my own blog. God bless you!