Sunday, February 5, 2017

My Atlanta Falcons

I saw the potential.

I saw this day coming the day we announced the hire of Dan Quinn, the defensive coordinator of the Seattle Seahawks.

Our previous coach, Mike Smith, wasn't a terrible coach, but he wasn't a championship coach.

When it comes to sports, i live by one rule. If you aren't going to win us championships, then its adios!

That's why I didn't care when my Atlanta Hawks got rid of Jeff Teague and Al Horford.

I don't care when the Braves uproot their whole roster every other year.

I didn't sweat it this past off-season when Roddy White and William Moore were cut from the Falcons roster even though I personally loved both of those players.

Mike Smith was going to win games, but something was missing!

You know! That "IT" factor.

I felt different about Dan Quinn...

Let me back track a little. I'm not a lifelong Falcons fan. I didn't go to my first game until 2011. I definitely watched a few games with Deion Sanders as a kid and I watched the Superbowl in 1999 when Elway and Terrell Davis (congrats on the HOF entry last night) put the beats on us. I was in college with no TV from 2002-2006 so I didnt get to see every Michael Vick game (I definitely saw the playoff performances). My Falcon diehardness came in 2007. My brother Jack bought me my first tickets to a Falcons game. My boy Eric opened a few Verizon Stores and since they were a sponsor of the Atlanta Falcons, we got some cool perks like sitting in the Verizon suite at the Georgia Dome and being on the sideline of some Falcon training camp practices (Pictures below). So this is the first Superbowl for my Falcons where I know what is going on. I know our strengths and I know our weaknesses.

 I'll be honest. I thought it would take a couple of more seasons. Last year, our defense was slow and our O Line was swiss cheese.

I was super excited about the Alex Mack signing this off-season.

I don't watch college football, so I just put my faith in the scouts (and their YouTube highlight videos) when they drafted Deion Jones, DeVondre Cambpell, and Keanu Neal. I talked to Jim Carrier about the picks and he assured me they were solid picks.

I figured that in 2-3 years, our team will be solid as long as Matt Ryan and Julio Jones could stay healthy.

Luckily and fortunately I was wrong.

We've been amazing and I have enjoyed the ride. We lost the first game of the year against Tampa Bay, but something seemed different.

As the season rolled on, the offense became more fluid and more fluid and MORE FLUID.

After the bye week, our defense has transformed from Boys 2 Men!

Matt Ryan developed such a swagger behind a offensive line that held up for more than 5 seconds.

I've argued the last few years about Matt Ryan aka Matty Ice.

Matt Ryan has always been a solid quarterback. I'm not going to say he didn't make his share of mistakes, but which quarterback doesn't. Eli Manning has 2 Super Bowl rings and he is KING mistake. Matt Ryan put up consistent numbers and I knew if he had a defense that could create turnovers and an O line that didn't resemble an old pair of drawers, he would succeed. NOW HE'S THE MVP!

The defense still needs some maturing, but with Vic Beasley and Jalen Collins, and the the rookie additions this off season, we've became the greatest terrible defense in history!!

Imagine next season when we get Desmond Trufant back!

We sailed through the best defense in the playoffs and the most dangerous quarterback in the playoffs, and now we come to Bradycek!

I believe Belicek is a cheater. He just wants to win. I can respect it. When our Offensive Coordinator's playbook came up missing and drones were flying above our practice session, I thought "ahhhh, That's Belicek"

This 51st Superbowl victory would mean a lot to me personally. I've rid for these boys back when Michael Turner was our star player. It will come down to our defense making some sort of plays against the great quarterback of all time. I believe! The greatest part about it is that this could be the beginning of a long stretch of victories. The team is built for the long run.

So lets RISE UP!!!!!!!

In the Verizon Suite

In Flowery Branch watching the Falcons training camp

On the sideline getting my Belicek on

Greatest game I ever been to! Falcons vs Seahawks in the playoffs in 2012

One of many signed balls. JULIO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Our current MVP "Matty Ice"

During my 2 years as a season ticket holder when I won a Season Ticket Holder Fantasy League

Getting my William Moore jersey signed by "Willie Mo" himself!

Birthday present from the wifey! Got a lot more to get! 

Me and Eric's last game in the dome where we sent Seattle a packing

I appreciate you Atlanta Falcons. Best of luck tonight,

Signing out,


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