Thursday, January 12, 2012



A new year is upon us. 2011 was a tremendous year because I stayed above ground the whole year (Get it?). As this being my first blog of the new year, I want to reflect on 2011, reveal some riveting revelations today, and resolute some resolutions for the new year (don't ask!)

2011, like I said, was a tremendous year. A bunch of firsts took place in 2011 for me. I went on my first cruise to the Western Caribbean

I purchased my 1st dog: Buddy Lee Giles

I started my 1st blog!!

I read my 1st novel in years! "The Hunger Games" trilogy thanks to Leah Peck (future author & current friend)

2011 brought forth some new faces!!!

Alain & Deanna had my Godson Tristan

Alex & John had Riley Rae

On the flipside, I lost someone who was near to my heart. Rest In Peace Carl Lowder aka Papa Lowder!


Today as I type in this blog, I cant help to have a sense of gratitude for everything the Lord has blessed me with. I have a great wife, and a supportive family. I have great friends that keep a smile on my face. I'm lucky to have a job, because I know plenty that are looking for work. I'm lucky to have a vehicle because I remember having to walk to work. Most things that I take for granted, are things that some people pray for! Going on that cruise last year was the first time that I've ever been out of the U.S. and to see the native islanders and how hard they worked and how little they received helped me to put things in perspective.


Which brings me into the new year. 2012. If you listen to the Mayans, this is the season finale. If this is the end, I wouldn't change a thing. I've lived a great life and hope the Lord shows mercy when I meet him. Since, I don't listen to the Mayans, I'm going to go through this year like I have the years before. I'm going to keep Jesus 1st, keep my family 2nd, and keep money 3rd.

I obviously still have to work on this obesity issue. I'm taking it one day at a time. More like one meal at a time. My wife is doing a great job at switching out unhealthy foods for healthier choices, so I thank her for that. My dog keeps me walking and running trying to keep up with him around the neighborhood. I still have my gym membership, that I vow to use more often!

2012, I want to travel the United States. So far, I've planned a trip to Vegas in July and NYC in October. Hopefully things will work out, so I can hook up with my long lost homey, Mike Smith (together we are the pep boys, because we always keep a spare)

To wrap the resolutions up, I want to install hardwood floors all around my house. Buddy has really taken a toll on the carpet in the living room, so without any assistance, I'm going to read up and teach myself how to install hardwood floors, which brings me into another resolution which is attain knowledge. I'm not the brightest star in the sky. I'm not the sharpest knife in the drawer. I'm not the nicest car on the lot. Knowledge is power and in 2012, I'm going to become more powerful.

God bless us all as we travel this road called life in 2012. I failed to mention that 2012 is my 10 year high school reunion. I thought I would've had my 1st million by now. Oh well!

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