Friday, April 20, 2012

Whatever # 2

2012 is flying by. Speaking of flying... U hear about that crazy pilot going HAM on the plane to Vegas??? I would have grabbed him in the aisle and DDT'd him.

Speaking of DDT, George Zimmerman got DDT'd into jail last week. Doug Fox told me to not jump to conclusions, so I'm just going to wait until more facts are revealed.

Making a slight change in our travel plans. We planned on going to NYC for my wife's birthday, but now we're going to Jamaica mon! If you've been there or are from there, hit me up and let me know what to do over there! We're still going to Vegas in July, and might try and squeeze NYC in during the fall. Went to get my passport photo yesterday, and they said that I can't smile when I'm taking the picture. What's up with that? Our society is too depressing!

Sometimes I hate being a homeowner. I got landscaping to do! the A/C needs to be replaced. House needs pressure washing! I wish I could just call maintenance, but gotta love that homeowner's equity!

Done with taxes! I owe Uncle Sam a few dollars. Thinking about evading the guy like Wesley, but I'm too pretty for jail.

Im currently looking for a home church. I have a few options, but need to find that home base. Leaning toward my grandmother's church, but the preacher talks too fast. I like another church's pastor but the congregation is too huge. I like another church's pastor but the congregation is too small. Pray for ya boy!

Weight loss is happening slowly but surely. Make subtle changes to an over-eater's habits can be drastic, but I'm overcoming. I won't be adventurous as my girl Leah and post my weight on here! Let's just say....weight loss is needed!

Race issue of the week! My boss asked why does black people go to black barbers and white people go to white salons, and why are black people buried at black funeral parlors and whites at white funeral parlors. The answer to that question is : nobody knows you like your own! In high school, my youth pastor Dr. Neal Jackson gave me a haircut. I was laughed out of my high school. He was the last white person to touch my hair. I don't think you're a racist or prejudice if you don't want a black person to do your hair if you're white. I don't want to see white girls with dookie braids and black girls with bouffants (thanks Alex for that help).

I love you all! Thanks for everybody that reads my blog and thanks for the positive feedback that I have received. I have a lot of thoughts and opinions, and I'm glad technology lets me capture it on my own blog. God bless you!

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