Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The Story of Us

My wife turned 30 last week.

My wife and I started dating when I was 19 years old. Next year, I will officially say that Sarah Tenefre Giles has been "mine" for 10 years.

We will approach our 3 year wedding anniversary this October.

A lot of people rooted against us lasting. This has made our bond stronger.

A lot of people have rooted for us lasting. This has made our bond unbreakable.

My wife will tell you that I am not the most romantic person on the planet. I dont care to hold hands. I hate cuddling. I dont like to rub noses together while we breathe in each other's faces. My wife is the total opposite. A true romantic. She would eat under candlelight every night if she knew I wouldn't be annoyed by it.

My wife is adventurous and has showed a lot of courage throughout our relationship.

My wife and I are both from Georgia but we met in Pensacola, FL at a college where physical contact wasn't allowed with the opposite sex. A college where even the church service that took place everyday (Chapel) had assigned seating. God had us be "Chapel Buddies" my freshmen year. Nothing sparked immediately. I made her laugh here and there. I thought she was cute. No big deal!

The 2nd semester of my freshman year, she and I had the same computer class where she conveniently needed "tutoring" after class on who knows what and that became the spark that burned down the forest!

She then invited me to her "dating out " that every sorority, or in PCC's case, collegian had once a year. It was skating at a roller rink where she pushed me on my back (that she still denies) Here's our first pic together on that date!

She was such a cute nerd back then, and boy was I slimmer (still Fatdreek, but slimmer, I'm working on bringing that back)

Over the next couple of months, I met her family (8 brothers and sisters) at her pinning ceremony

and they seemed like good people, so after a few discussions, we decided to make things OFFICIAL on December 2, 2003. Now whether I asked her to make it official or the other way around still remains to be seen, but we'll save that for another blog. Here's our first picture after making it official...

To make a long blog short, T left PCC and sat out of school for a few semesters to work and came back and sat out some more and attended another school in GA, but we stuck through it despite the distance. I would come home during the summers and she would come and visit me when I lived in the hood of hoods with my father. Then I graduated, and she was there! 
I planned on getting a job back home and seeing her all of the time once I graduated college, but Jehova had other plans and I got a job with Kemron Environmental Services which required me to travel 28 days a month, which means I only saw my girlfriend 1 weekend a month for 3 years (except for when I had vacations), but we stuck through it! 

I decided to reward my wife for sticking with me through all of the ups and downs with an engagement ring.. 

An engagement ring that set me back like Allen Iverson (read previous blog)

So my wife planned our wedding, as I still worked out of town, and it turned out great! 

A few months later, I found a job that didn't require me to travel, which landed me at R&R Metal Erectors with my old college roommate. Then we moved into our first home.

& then we had our first baby..
and that's just the 1st chapter of this never-ending story! We've had mainly highs, but we've had some lows. We work through our kinks and keep it moving. I'm sure the next chapter will feature kids that don't chew shoes and cell phone cords. I just wanted to wish my beautiful wife, Sarah Tenefre Giles (Stanley) a Happy 30th Birthday!

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  1. So sweet. Two of my absolute favorite people! I thank God every day for you guys! LOVE YOU BOTH and HAPPY BIRTHDAY T!!!