Friday, August 17, 2012

Politics As Usual Pt. 2

I really hate politics! I hate the Republicans and I hate the Democrats. I want to chop the left and right wing off and leave the bird flightless!

You have Republicans who complain about the deficit but want to continue tax cuts that could put a dent into it. You have Democrats who instead of working toward the deficit, want to add to it by spending money.

You have a government who spends money on NASA explorations, when they should be investing in our future.

You have a Democratic mayor who wants to put a limit on the size slurpee that you can buy in New York. .

Are you kidding me??

I understand. The country is heading toward Obeseville, and I maybe the mayor of Obeseville, but that's no reason to limit the Slurpeeness of America. If the Government can tell me what size Slurpees I can buy, what's to stop them from telling me what kind of gas I can buy or what kind of blogs I can write, or what to believe in. I think Government is necessary, but let's not push it, Bloomberg!!!

Then you have the whole "Obamacare" issue. I don't really care about it. I haven't read the literature line by line, all I know is that a lot of people have their panties in a wad, and I dont understand the tangled undergarments. People without healthcare have been getting "free" healthcare through emergency rooms across the country for years, so to me nothing's going to change. If things change, then things are going to change. Whining about a new law, isn't going to get that law overturned. Now if you oppose Obamacare that much, then you have the opportunity to vote for Romney in November and he'll probably repeal Obamacare, unless the Powers That Be keep his pockets fat (Romneycare).

Now when it comes to the election in November. I don't know who I'm voting for. I'm not too impressed with Mr. Obama. The gas price and unemployment rate are way too high. I know he's done a lot. I saw those Obama road signs near construction zones all over the southeast. I know the auto industry needed a bailing and now the auto industry is doing well. I know the healthcare overhaul will benefit a lot of people. Some who genuinely need the help and not just looking for another hand out, and for that I am thankful.  Hats off to the President for those accomplishments. I wish Obama would've focused on improving the unemployment rate and these rising gas prices, but hey that's just me! When you have an opposing party who made it their goal to keep the president from being re-elected, you can expect some plans to be halted!! Which brings me back to my 1st post on this "Politics As Usual" series!


Parties only want things that benefit them, even if that means destroying the country! Enough is Enough! I feel like the white guy in Network!!

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