Friday, January 4, 2013

"Protect Ya Neck"

My father was not a consistent part in my life growing up.

But he gave me the single most important advice I have ever heard :

"If you ever pull a gun on someone, you better use it!"

 I remember staying at his and my great-grandma's house one weekend in high school, and I found a pistol in his bedroom (please keep weapons away from children). I stood in the mirror posing with the pistol like I was Al Capone.

After playing "Golden Eye" on my Nintendo 64 and watching countless action films, I thought I was an expert in using guns, so I didn't know the seriousness of me pulling the trigger and a bullet flying through the walls hitting one of my family members. When I told my dad about my encounter, he gave me the advice above. "A gun should always be your last resort" He told me. "1st you have to Knuckle Up, and if guns are drawn than you draw and don't ask any questions!"

I never got in many fights growing up. Nobody ever wanted to pick a fight with a guy twice their size, and plus I'm a teddy bear! Everybody loved Fatdreek. I remember beating up this kid with mono in middle school in which I got suspended from school and my grandma took me fishing (gotta love Grandma!). I beat up a homeless guy (I assumed he was homeless) when I lived in Atlanta walking to work one day. I'm a teddy bear, but sometimes I can get real grizzlyish when provoked! Moral of the story, I'm a good guy who doesn't look for trouble.

But Ah! What am I to do when trouble approaches? There is a lot of good on this planet, but for every good thing there is an equal evil thing on the other end. I know a lot of people just want to believe that everybody is good-natured and wishes the best for everybody on the planet but that's just not the case. With the economy low, people who are down on their luck either turn to religion or get to a desperate state and once desperation comes into play, a person who has nothing to lose will make decisions that could effect you (i.e. theft, armed robberies, death).

To Men : If you have a wife and kids, you have to arm yourself. Criminals are not walking around unarmed. I've never heard of a criminal kicking in your back door and tickling you until you faint and then stealing your possessions.They are kicking in your door to inflict harm on you and your loved ones and its your responsibility to protect your family to the best of your abilities.

To Women : Maybe you're single... (Don't worry, read some of my old blogs to learn how to scoop you a man!) Maybe your husband is always working and you're home alone a lot. You too, need to protect yourself and your possessions. Some women use pepper spray. Do whatever you have to do, to protect yourself. It's a dirty world out here!!

Now maybe you're new to this whole gun conversation. Maybe you're wondering where to purchase one. This isn't like the movies, where you go to the hood, and purchase firearms from someone's trunk. Unless you're a felon, you can go to gun shows (I know you see the billboards for them). You can go to pawn shops. They even have websites that you can purchase guns from. Google "Bud's Gun Shop" or something like that, and take a gander.

Now lets get into the whole law of firearms. I can only speak for the great state of GA. In Georgia, you are allowed to have a firearm in your home, workplace, or your automobile. You can't have the gun concealed unless you have a permit. (Concealed in your car means in the glove box or under the seat, but you can have your gun in your passenger seat). Otherwise, concealed means carrying on you like in your pockets or a holdster.

To get a permit to carry, you need to hit up the probate court and give your fingerprints to the courthouse and give them a few bucks. Just google everything, I don't have the information for everybody because every country in GA might be different.

Just within the last week, a Waffle House was robbed and employees were robbed walking out of a Rue 21 at 11:00 pm in Conyers. Streets ain't safe! Protect ya Neck!!!

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