Friday, January 18, 2013


I have a resolution for all of my blog readers that is easily life-applicable!

Stop all of ya hating!!!

My Atlanta Falcons are 1 game away from going to the Super Bowl, and I can not believe all of the hate that I have to endure on a daily basis!

I post a picture on instagram of my falcons and followers just have to muster the energy to type negativity toward my falcons because their team is out of the playoffs!

I got calls before the playoffs started, stating that my team would lose in its 1st game like in previous years, and after they won that game, they rescind their 1st statement, but they are 100% positive that we are going to lose in the next game. All the while, their teams are sitting on the couch watching my falcons defy the odds! Every commentator on sports television or radio have the Falcons losing every week. All season, the Falcons were doubted against halfway decent teams (Dallas, Redskins, Denver, etc..) and we handled them all, but still we get doubted everyday, and I believe that fuels the fire!

I love my city, because at the Georgia Dome (where the Falcons play), it doesn't matter your race, it doesn't matter your political party or your socioeconomic makeup. Everybody is there with the same mind frame .. and that's supporting the home team! I've had to endure the smack talk from Patriot fans and Steeler fans, and Giant fans, but when its our time to shine, we get doubted and hated! CUT IT OUT!!!

When the Falcons got knocked out of the playoffs year after year, I didn't hate on the next team. I respected the teams that made it deep in the playoffs. I just ask for the same respect! If all you have is hate in your spirit on teams that have outlasted yours, stop watching football and go watch the OWN network or reruns of Paula Dean with your wives! As a matter of fact, if you got that much hate in your spirit, you probably can't find a woman to marry ya, and if you are married, I bet your wife isn't happy! (Sorry for getting too personal)

If you don't like the mess I talk about my Falcons winning, then just delete me on Facebook and stop reading my blog, because win or lose, its Falcon Nation!! RISE UP!!!

The only thing that I have hated on is Lebron James, and you can read my previous blog to find out why, but I have great reasoning! I do respect him though!

Now this Hate goes outside of sports. I know girls that hate on other girls because they're in a good relationship or they have a better hairstyle or they have a better job or they have more friends and get more attention than you! You're no better than a Falcon hater.

God doesn't make any mistakes! If your team isn't in the final 4 of the playoffs, or your breath smells bad, or your candidate wasn't elected, or your toes have mad fungus. These are no reasons to have spirits filled with hate. Some things in life you can't change, so just get over it. Don't hate on the next man because he's better off than you! Turn that hatred into motivation to better yourself.

2 things I hate! Haters & Tax Return Ballers!!

Signing Out,


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