Monday, February 20, 2012

The Answer???

I just read a report that Allen Iverson is so broke that he is getting offers from soccer teams to play for them!! SOCCER TEAMS!!! One of the greatest scorers of all time in the National Basketball Association where all of the greatest basketball players in the world compete is so broke that soccer team owners believe that he would play soccer to pay the bills. What makes me really upset is the people he is in debt to. I didn't read that he owes money to Uncle Sam (but I'm sure he does), I didn't read that he is about to foreclose on multiple homes (but I'm sure he is), but what I did read is that he owes a Jeweler $850,000. A JEWELER $850,000!!!! I may need to be an accountant to the stars. If he still has the jewelry, it would've been a great investment seeing that gold, silver, and diamonds are all sky-rocketing in value, but the way he's going he probably dropped it all of at Cash 4  I'm all for the bling bling, but if you can't pay for it in cash, just don't purchase it sir! There is no need to have a Kay's credit card. This guy made $150 million dollars in his NBA career (not including reebok endorsements), and he's broke! God bless that man! The reason he's broke he says, is because he has to take care of all of the people from his hood that made him who he is today.

I wouldn't mind getting rich one day! When I do get rich, I plan on taking a few people with me. When I say "take a few people with me", I don't mean give the people I love a check every two weeks, because you showed me love throughout my life. I mean provide them with opportunities. I may open up a few businesses and let the people I love run those businesses after proper training. The only person that won't have to work for the money that I give her is Pangerla Louise Jones (My mother) She's worked enough in her life!! I'd like to finish this blog with my favorite A.I. moment "Practice". Maybe if he saved instead of worrying about practice, this blog wouldn't have been created,

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