Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Im in one of those whatever moods today!

RIP Whitney Houston

Happy Belated Valentine's Day. My wife got some tulips, some new headlights in her Jetta, and a salmon dinner with red velvet cupcakes. I got some new shoes, draws, t-shirts, and socks. Buddy got a beating for crapping in my garage! Everybody's happy (except for Buddy)

What's up with this Jeremy Lin guy. I heard he was Tiger Woods half brother. The guy is decent. I don't see him having an elaborate NBA career, but he's blowing up Sportscenter lately. Can we say, the Taiwanese Tebow???

Speaking of NBA. I root for 2 teams. The Hawks and the Lakers. The Hawks for obvious reasons, and the Lakers for the greatest NBA player of all time, Kobe Bryant.

I got an email for my 10 year high school reunion. My high school days were pretty much a joke. I thought I would be this huge rapper and ended up crunching numbers for a construction company. I'm excited to see some old faces though!

Shout Outs to my "Mama" Sandra Sanford, for a great performance in the play "They Rose Above it All". The play was great besides the racist cop in the play that caused an uproar when a negative remark about Obama was made. Disrespecting Obama at a black play is like disrespecting George Bush at a Fox News convention!

Please pray for my Uncle who we originally thought had a stroke but instead was having seizures! He's been an induced sleep for almost a week now, and we're hoping for good results from his tests!

I'm proud to welcome a new niece in the world. Camryn James!

Also, shout out to the Pecks on their new addition, Bailey Peck!

I wish it would snow already! I need an extra day off or so, so I can catch up on Family Matters and Saved By The Bell (No college years) Did you know the 1st season of Family Matters had no Urkel! That was the greatest season in my opinion. The 1st couple of seaons with Urkel was cool, but homey was annoying!

I hate on Saved by the Bell "The College Years" a lot, but it definitely had the better theme song!

That is all that is on the mind today. Sorry there wasn't much substance in this blog, but I'm not getting paid for this!!

Signing out,


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