Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Trust & Obey

Its time to beat myself up a little bit. I can't afford a psychiatrist, so for free I will counsel myself and hopefully you can take something away from it or give me some pointers by joining the blog and posting comments....

I worry a lot. I worry about big things. I worry about small things. I worry for myself. I worry for others. I worry about the past present and definitely the future. I worry about not having anything to worry about. You catch my drift....

My wife is the total opposite. She has faith like Joseph when Mary told him she was pregnant and Joseph just knew the Baby wasn't his.

I'm 100% sure that my wife is walking closer with the Lord because of her faith. I worry so much sometimes, that I'm sure that I miss out on some of the Lord's blessings.

In Luke 12, Jesus tells his disciples to not worry about the food you'll eat or the clothes on your back, because Life is deeper than those things. He continues and tells the disciples to look at the ravens who don't plan for the future whatsoever, but all of the ravens' needs are tooken care of. Are we not better than birds??

This passage of scripture makes me happy. I can't snap my finger and all of my worries will fade away, but as long as I trust & obey, I'll see blessings like my inspirational wife!

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  1. I totally relate to this post, Dreek!! I think a big part of my problem was needing to know exactly how, when and where the provision was coming. Fortunately, though, I'm learning day by day to trust--no, KNOW without a doubt--that God's got this and there's absolutely no need to worry. Sure, ego tries to give me reason to worry from time to time but I shake it off by remembering God's words. Thanks for reminding me. We'll both get there!