Friday, March 2, 2012

Rihanna & Christopher

I've never been a huge fan of Chris Brown or Rihanna! Rihanna started to grow on me after her beating (see picture above). I thought "this girl is a survivor!" Chris Brown has always been a little too fruity for my liking, so my disliking has always been consistent. Its common knowledge that Chris Brown and Rihanna dated a while back and one night, Chris Brown decided to whip her head back & forth (no willow smith).

Here's part 2!


I recently heard about a couple of new songs with Chris Brown & Rihanna. To be honest, I haven't even heard the songs, and I dont want to waste MBs listening to em either, but after watching the videos above, I have to scratch my head.

 I've heard the saying that "Love is Blind" and I dont own a gavel so I'm not the one to judge, but I'd like to dedicate this blog to every female who has ever taken abuse (Physical or verbal) from a man. 

Adam didn't beat Eve! I'm sure he wanted to put hands on her when she bit the apple, but he refrained himself, like any real man would. To get physical with a person who is smaller and weaker than you (usually, I've seen some big mamas out there) shows a lot about your character. Now I've seen the situation where a female would think she was Rocky Balboa and want to hit a man with her fist, and I've heard an O.G. say that  "If you act like a man, you'll get beat like one". I obviously don't agree with that approach, if you can't stop a woman from punching you in the face, by restraining her you may need to hit the gym up on that Big Milt program. Nonetheless, if you're a female and you see that your S.O. is punching walls or throwing remotes at t.v. screens, it maybe a sign that you're dealing with a violent individual. If you really love the person you can recommend that he goes to an anger management specialist. Hopefully you can alleviate the problem before he turns that anger on you. 

Verbal abuse is no better than physical abuse. Now this goes both ways, and if it goes far enough it can lead to the physical. Some men talk down to their women because they live life as a coward and have low self-esteem. They may get talked down to at work by a higher-up and come home and want to take it out on their S.O. God bless that man. 

Now back to Christopher Brown and Rihanna. If Chris Brown was totally apologetic and could prove to Rihanna that he is a changed man, I wouldn't be writing this blog, but 2 years after the situation, he was asked by an interviewer some simple questions about Rihanna and this is what he does....

At least he didn't start punching the interviewer in the face, but obviously homeboy has some anger issues. Maybe Rihanna bought a helmet before she got back in the studio with Chris Brown this time. Who knows!! Ladies, please be careful with the person you choose to call your S.O. and if you have a slick mouth you may need to tone it down, if you don't know your S.O.'s reaction to them. Everybody be safe and love not war!!!


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  1. Thanks man. That was well needed. I need this about 5 years ago, but its still appreciated now.