Friday, March 23, 2012

Politics as Usual

I don't come from a political background. My family didn't sit around the dinner table and discuss the happenings in our local, state, or federal governments. My parents just worked hard, paid their taxes, and stretched every dollar they made. When I met Jack Lowder and his family, I was introduced to politics. Papa Lowder was a strong conservative and I respected him, because he always stood firm on what he believed in, and if you disagreed with him, you could expect a debate to ensue. One morning, I rode with Jack and Papa Lowder on his bread route and I heard a white man arguing with a caller on the radio, It was hilarious! This white man was Neal Boortz. Jack then got a c.d. called Neal Boortz's Greatest Hits and the whole c.d. was just Neal Boortz arguing with callers and I thought the guy was a genius. Neal Boortz is a libertarian, and I just assumed I was a libertarian as well. Boortz preached of minimal government control and taking care of you and your family and not depending on hand-outs from the government and living within your means. He may say it in a rude manner but that's basically what he preaches, and to a certain extent, I believe the same thing.

I really found myself getting involved with politics when Jack joined the marines and went over to Afghanistan and Iraq to fight in the U.S.'s war on terror. I was all for the Afghanistan invasions after 9/11. What American wasn't? Go hunt Bin Laden and get payback for the Towers falling and the lives that were lost on that day. Iraq on the other hand.. I wasn't too sure on. The whole Weapons of Mass Destruction scare didn't really scare me too much, mainly because I never saw the thing! So I found Bush as a little shaky. Then came Obama with his "Change" in 2008, and in my opinion nothing's really changed except these gas prices. I must admit that I was excited to see a person of color (he's not black, he's a mixture) become the President of the United States though.

I don't think we will ever see change in this country. As long as we have Congress and their non bi-partisanship, we can never expect this country to be great again. I consider all politicians corrupt until proven not corrupt. They put their personal interests ahead of country's best interests and the common citizen such as myself reaps the consequences. Politicians from both parties make decisions based on how they will be perceived rather than making decisions that are always right. This is what frustrates me!!!

I've never been the type to argue with someone over politics. If someone has been thinking one way all of his or her life, its going to be hard to sway a person with one conversation. Instead of arguing, I just make observations. I respect anybody that thinks on their own. That means anybody that isn't following the path that mommy and daddy laid out for them. Anybody that doesn't regurgitate what they hear on Fox News and MSNBC. I mean a person that listens to the facts and bases their opinion on those facts. I don't respect single moms from trailer parks that just paid for her groceries with food stamps and then hops in a vehicle with a Nobama bumper sticker on her back. FOOL, DEMOCRATS ARE THE REASON YOU'RE ABLE TO ENJOY THOSE BENEFITS, & I don't respect black people that wear Obama T-shirts and can't even name things that he's doing that benefit them.

Republicans, Democrats, or Independents.

If your main issue is abortion, immigration, taxes, gun control, whether Obama is a U.S. citizen, or whether Bush was mentally retarded.

Black, White, Asian, Hispanic, or Others.

Its time for everyone to unite and make it happen for this great country that we call home!

God bless America,



  1. I hear ya Dreek! Well said man.. I can't stand when people spit nothing but political rhetoric and have no real idea what's really going on! By the way, Bortz is not a liberaterian, he is about as right-wing conservative as it gets. Him, Limbaugh, Hannity, and Bill O'Reily are all hard core, conservative republicans. I can't stand Bush myself, I think he screwed our country up big time.. Do u know that when Clinton left office, we had a national surplus of around $5 billion, when Bush left, (after the Iraq war that was started under false pretences, after giving more tax cuts to the wealthy than ANY president in history, and after scandal after scandal involving his cabinet members getting government contracts illegally, etc..) our country was in a $5 TRILLION deficit!!! I mean, how does that happen...? And on top of which, he did absolutely NOTHING to help our dwindling economy, (but then again, he's a multi- millionaire oil tycoon, so why would he care if other people are struggling.) My point is, I felt really bad for the mess that Obama fell into when he came into office... No president except for maybe Roosevelt (with the great depression) has had more to overcome than him.. And yet, people talk bad about him because our gas prices are high, and our economy isn't great- I mean, all these problems can't be fixed overnight. He is working from a really bad position and yet, he still has accomplished more than Bush did in 8 yrs..! All I ask is that the republican congress work with him to help get some stuff done, but so far, everything Obama tries to pass gets shot down because most of the people in congress don't want him in there because he stopped the Bush tax cuts and finally made the wealthy pay thieir fair share... I know I probably sound like it but I really don't hate republicans, I just wish they would put our country's needs above their own. I also realize that many politicians are dirty to some degree but our congress, senate, and house of representatives are in place to MAKE OUR COUNTRY BETTER, not fight and bicker about everything while our country needs them desperately. I'm proud of you for posting what you did Dreek and I totally agree with people needing to form their own opinions about what they believe instead of just repeating what they hear on Fox News (republican) and MSNBC (democratic). There is just too much mis-information out there and too many narrow minded people that believe everything they hear. Hopefully this election year America will make the right choice for what's best for ALL americans, not just for a select few. We are the greatest country in the world, I have to have faith that everyone will do what's best for our county.
    P.S.- I loved the comment about the white, trailer- trash bums who hate Obama and think republicans are the ones helping them out!! You dumb-assess, republicans look out for the rich! Democrats like Obama are the reason you get those welfare checks and the reason you get all those government subsidies!! LOL... There are some dumb people in this world....!!

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