Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Squeaky Wheels

The previous job I held before my current one was a Field Contract Administrator (FCA) for Kemron Environmental Services. Some people called it Field Cost Accountant. Basically I tracked the costs that Kemron Environmental spent on various projects around the country, and I submitted those costs to the U.S. EPA so we could be reimbursed with a percentage on top. Nonetheless, my supervisor for 95% of the jobs I worked was David Tiedman. He gave me the greatest advice I have ever received...

I had been working for Kemron for about 2 years and some change. I was doing pretty decent enough for Kemron to send me newly hired FCAs to train. I mentioned to Tiedman one day, that I deserve a raise with all of this training that I'm doing lately. He asked me if I spoke to the boss man in Atlanta, and I said no, I wasn't going to bother him with it. He then told me


I  looked at him with a puzzled look I'm sure, while I let it resonate for a second. He explained that in life when you want something,  you have to speak up. When a wheel is running low on grease, you hear a squeak and that lets you know to grease that baby up. I was able to apply that theory to other problems. At home, when my dog needs to go outside, he starts moaning like a punk, but he gets my attention to do what he wants. For my parents out there, when your kid has crapped himself, he cries to let you know that it's time for a new huggie. For my husbands out there, when your wives want those new pair of shoes, she squeaks and we hand over the checkbook.

Tiedman gave me the confidence to step to the boss man about a raise, and I got a bigger raise than I had even expected. Even though me and Tiedman argued about basketball, and the best type of music, and why Conyers was better than Buffalo, I always hold that advice close to me, because it's helped me a lot throughout the years!

It doesn't hurt to open your mouth sometimes. I mean, what's the worst thing that could have happened in that situation. I would've went to the boss man and asked for a raise, he could have said no, and I would have went back to work. Maybe it's more than a raise that you want. Maybe you want that big promotion. Maybe you want your husband to do something different in your marriage like a weekend getaway or something. Maybe you see a friend making a bad decision in life. Just remember... Squeaky wheel gets the grease!!

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  1. This is great! What is it so hard for us to value ourselves enough to ask for what we want? It's almost as if we don't think we deserve it.