Friday, November 4, 2011

Week 9 Picks

I just realized that I missed a week. Must be the stupid dog that I just purchased that craps all over the place. Let me get back to my game-picking dominance!

New York Jets over Buffalo Bills: I never rode the Buffalo band-wagon, and I really dont like that Stevie Johnson fella that blames God every time he drops a pass! Jets defense is too strong them!

Dallas Cowboys over Seattle Seahawks: NEN

Houston Texans over Cleveland Browns: Hillis just reinjured his hamstring, so it will be an easy win for the Texans. Even with Hillis playing, I dont think the Browns could have beat these guys!

Atlanta Falcons over Indianapolis Colts: I really love the Colts, but them boys are horrible!

Miami Dolphins over Kansas City Chiefs: UPSET ALERT!! I said it! Miami is going to get that first W!

New Orleans Saints over Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Tampa Bay is a bunch of hype! They got lucky last time against the Saints, but Drew won't let that happen again.

San Francisco 49ers over Washington Redskins: 49ers are my favorite team right now. This should be an easy W!

Oakland Raiders over Denver Broncos: Now that Carson has TJ House or some other (whatever his last name is), I think he'll do fine.

Tennessee Titans over Cincinnati Bengals: Chris Johnson should finally come to form, and if not, Hasselback will take over against a sorry Bengals squad!

St. Louis Rams over Arizona Cardinals: Steven Johnson is getting back to his old self. I think he'll continue and watch for Brandon Lloyd to have a good game.

New England Patriots over New York Giants: Brady & Boys dont handle defeat well. Watch the Giants reap the destruction!

Green Bay Packers over San Diego Chargers: I dont see that Charger O-Line holding up long enough to let Rivers make any plays, and he's going to need to make em going against the defending champs!

Baltimore Ravens over Pittsburgh Steelers: These are always tough to call, because I love the Steelers, but Big Ben makes a lot of mistakes when the pressure gets to em!

Philadelphia Eagles over Chicago Bears: Another tough one to call, but Vick is the ultimate play maker, and the Bears O-line is one of the worst!

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