Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Top 3 Halloween Moments

Happy Belated Halloween to you all! Happy Belated Birthday to my step-father Reginald Jones and my accounting partner Jaclyn Rose!

I purchased around $15 bucks worth of candy last night, expecting a gang of ghouls and goblins and all we got were 3 groups of kids. You would think I lived on the "Last House on The Left" or something. I may just drop candy in everybody's mailbox tonight, because I dont need the temptations! (Get thee behind me Hershey)

The lack of enthusiasm expressed from the kids in my neighborhood had me thinking about my favorite memories from Halloween!

3) One year my homeboy Velo dressed up like a woman in Sugar Hill to trick or treat! I still think it is hilarious. Velo died in 2006, and I still think of him as he was here, because of memories like these! I think I threw on a tie and dress pants and called myself a lawyer or something. That year, I remember people had those fake ghosts on their porch, and one porch had a ghost sitting in a chair, and when an actual person hopped up, I got ghost! (Get it?)

2) Another year, my homey Joe Harris (Where you at?) and I went to a haunted house. I'm not sure where it was, and I dont remember the specifics of the house. What I do remember is a dude chasing us out of the house with a chainsaw and I've never been to a haunted house again. Next time I go, I'll have a gun on me. Miss you Joe Heezy!!

1) My favorite memory is when me and Jack sat on his roof one Halloween and threw eggs at the kids that walked by. His next door neighbors were sitting on a trampoline telling ghost stories of some sort, and we threw black cat fireworks (the ones that sound like a machine gun firing) over the fence and the kids ran in the house and I've never laughed so hard in my life!

My heart sings: Back in the day when I was young; Im not a kid anymore; but some days I sit & wish I was a kid again! Amen Ahmad!!

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