Thursday, October 27, 2011

Top 5 Reasons I Love White People

Looking at my facebook friend list the other day, I came to the realization that I have A LOT of white friends. My black friends may think I've gone Carlton Banks on them, but that is far from the case. In the 5th grade, my mother moved me from Rena Ct to Sugar Hill. If you live outside of Conyers, GA then that statement means nothing to you. Now-a-days, Sugar Hill is predominately black but in the mid-90's, Sugar Hill was predominately white. Rena Ct. is, was, and forever will be predominately black. My observation is that white people and black people are totally different. You can make the argument that we are all God's children but at the end of the day, everybody is unique or odd depending on how you look at em. With my old job, I traveled to Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Pittsburgh, Indianapolis, Milwaukee, & Virginia, so I've met my share of white people. Below are my top 5 reasons why I love SOME white people. Some white people get on my nerves, but that's another story!

#1: White people know how to party: I prefer black parties over white parties only because of the music & entertainment selection (i.e. I don't like beer, so I don't play beer pong). My homey B-rob throws the best parties because he has the best basement in the country. (Hit him up at Poker table, pool table, fire pit, hot tub, & a theater. What more could a brotha ask for!

#2: White people pay you back when they borrow money: This really doesn't need explanation. I know some of my homies that are reading this blog probably owe me money now, but its all good! I loan black people money not expecting a cent back. White people give you your money back with interest and you didn't even ask for it.

#3: I don't feel like I owe them anything: if I go over a black friend's house, I feel like I have to have something in hand in order to feel welcome. Bag of ice, salt & pepper, bootleg copy of Madea Goes To Jail, Its always something! You go to a white friend's house, you may leave with stuff and never brought a thing. If I ride with a black person in the car, they bring up gas money like we drove across country or something. White people would drive you across country and give you gas money.

#4: They give the best gifts: In middle school, Katybeth Crow bought me a humongous teddy bear. I have no idea where that bear is (sorry Katybeth) but that gesture taught me that white people give excellent gifts. Nobody beats Pam Giles-Jones (my mother) but whites is definitely up there. I had a girl buy me a gift for my birthday and I returned the favor on her birthday and she bought me a gift for buying her a gift the day after her birthday. I couldn't believe it!

#5: They are overall friendly: I say overall because you still have your racists out there (admit it) but if I walk through a black neighborhood and I wave, I'll probably get a mean mug or a "do I know you" face. If I walk through a non-racist white neighborhood, I'll get invited to church, get yard tips, & probably get invited in their house for dinner.

Moral of the story is.....if you're black: get you some white friends!


  1. Haha, that junk is hilarious son.

  2. Love it. Just gave you an up and coming blog award on my blog today!

  3. I am in total agreement with this Dreek. Being from southern California I can relate to the true value of white friends lol