Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Hole In A Sucka

I dont live in the slums or projects or 'hood' by any means. My neighborhood is 99% black, and to my white friends, this may classify as a 'hood', but I've never been shot walking to the mailbox, so a neighborhood? YES! A 'hood'? NO! Within the last year and some change, there have been two break-ins in our neighborhood. Its a little nerve wrecking to know that somebody can break in your home while you're at work and take things that my wife and I work very hard for. I just want to give a fair warning to anybody who has ever thought about taking a red penny from Fatdreek. I will put a hole in ya! It may be a small hole. It could be a large hole. Depending on what I shoot you with. But you will get shot! I would hate to take the life of one of God's creation, but I turn into another person in these kind of situations. Thank God, our house hasn't been 'hit up" yet, but I guarantee if someone takes a peak in my mailbox, I'm unloading!

Love you all!

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