Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Little Things That Count

Women are a strange breed! Men are stranger! Fatdreek is the strangest!

This blog goes out to all of my fellas. I know a lot of my fellas dont read blogs. Shoot, some of my fellas cant even read, but nonetheless this is for you...

When it comes to romance, most woman love it and most men hate it, but I tell you this my brother, if you dont show your romantic side, than your significant other will find that romance somewhere else.

Now, I'm not talking candlelight dinner everynight, or staring at each other's eyes in front of a fireplace with Boyz II Men playing in the background. What I am talking about is giving a compliment here and there. Showing appreciation when she cooks an excellent meal and not complaining when she cooks a not-so-excellent meal. Telling her that she makes you happy! If you take care of your business @ the crib, you don't have to worry about your woman blushing when a man says she looks nice or smells good. Women love to feel praised and adored and who better to praise and adore your woman than yourself.

Find ways to incorporate your woman into your "me" time. I love to watch football on Sundays @ Buffalo Wild Wings. Instead of ditching my wife, I just tell her to come on with me some Sundays, and while she admires the player's backsides or fills me in on which player is dating which housewife, I can sit back and enjoy some football.

I encourage my fellas to do something out of the ordinary this week to let your woman know that you still care for her, and you'd be suprise the level of devotion you will get in return!

Signing out,


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