Friday, October 14, 2011

NFL Picks Week 6

Carolina over Atlanta: With Julio Jones missing Sunday's game, that means more attention to Tony Gonzales and Roddy White. Unless Harry Douglas has a monster game, I dont see them surpassing Killa Cam!

Indianna over Cincinatti: I feel like Painter will finish the job. The injuries in the secondary for the Colts have shown over the last few weeks, but I dont see the Bengals as much of a threat

San Franciso over Detroit: Its Upset Season in week 6, as that explosive defense and running game of the 49ers put a one in the loss column for the Lions.

Green Bay over St. Louis: Need I say anything else!

New York Giants over Buffalo: Im not believing the hype of these Bills. Giants defense is still strong, and I think Eli will bounce back from a horrible game last week.

Pittsburgh over Jacksonville: Ben Rape-n-murder looked great last week, and I think his run will continue over a weak Jacksonville secondary!

Philadelphia over Washington: I'm looking for Vick to bounce back in a major way, or he'll be replaced by Vincent Young.

Baltimore over Houston: Baltimore has the best defense in my opinion and with Andre Johnson still out, I dont see Houston getting too far.

Oakland over Cleveland: 2 words! Darren McFadden! In my opinion, the 2nd coming of Bo Jackson! + The Ghost of Al Davis is lurking among us!

New England over Dallas: This will be the game of the week. Tom Brady and Welker are just too good! Its going to be a shoot out though!

New Orleans over Tampa Bay: Tampa Bay has received too much hype with that A.C. Slater looking QB of theirs. N.O. will show em why they are the best in the South!

Minnesota over Chicago: The Bears have too many issues, and A.P. has too much strength. It will be close, but Minnesota will prevail.

New York Jets over Miami: I like the Jets as a unit. They will end up in the playoffs, even though they are struggling at the moment.

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