Friday, October 21, 2011

NFL Picks Week 7

I was 9-4 last week. Lets see what I can get this week!

Carolina over Washington: Killa Cam let me down last week, but Washington is far more inferior than the Dirty Birds!

Seattle over Cleveland: With Peyton Hillis questionable with a hamstring injury, I dont see Colt McCoy leading his team to victory.

Atlanta over Detroit: I hope Detroit loses, so Coach Mike from Atlanta can lay Detroit's coach out. It wont be a replay of last week with 49ers coach running away. Coach Mike is gonna lay em down.

Miami over Denver: Both of these teams are garbage to me. I look to Miami to get their 1st win of the season!

New York over San Diego: This is the return of LT to his old stomping grounds, and I dont think the Jets will let him lose! Coach Ryan always finds a way to win those close games!

Chicago over Tampa Bay: Its all about defense and Chicago will prevail!

Tennessee over Houston: I think Chris Johnson is going to go off with 200 beaners!

Pittsburgh over Arizona: No explanation needed (NEN)

Oakland over Kansas City: Even though there is a new QB, the RB is still the same. RUN DMC!

Dallas over St. Louis: NEN

Green Bay over Minnesota: NEN

New Orleans over Indianapolis: Hurts me to not see my boy Peyton back yet!

Baltimore over Jacksonville: Best Defense in the league!

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